Why Rush?

At Rush, we take proxies seriously. Our expert team strives to improve your copping experience day in day out. With anti-botting measures increasing every drop, proxies are becoming much more critical. Rush to the front of checkout queues and skip bot checks with Rush Proxies.

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30M+ Unique IP Addresses

Never hit IP bans again with millions of unique residential IP addresses at your command. Our 99% uptime guarantee results in stable connections and reliable performance at all times.

Global From 150+ Locations

With over 150 locations in various countries and cities around the world, we guarantee smooth access to any site worldwide.

Proxies For Any Purpose

Use our proxies with any software that utilizes proxies. Our proxies are excellent for multiple raffle entries, shopping bots, ticket reselling and content scraping

Rush Proxies

Premium Residential Plan


Rush Proxies

ISP Datacenter Virginia


Frequently Asked Questions

Static vs. Rotating

We support both static and rotating proxies, giving you the ability to choose. Usually, static proxies are used for checkout sessions, ensuring your IP stays consistent throughout the process. Rotating proxies may be used for monitoring websites, entering raffles, and much more.


We support both IP and user:pass authentication, so you can use your proxies however you’d like. User:pass proxies ensure your proxies will work wherever you are, no matter your IP. IP authenticated proxies will only allow traffic from whitelisted IPs and are great for many use cases.

Responsive Staff

No matter the issue, our support team will ensure your experience with Rush is top-notch. We want every Rush customer to maximize their profits, so we’ll make sure you’re using our services correctly. 

Consistent Uptime

We strive to maintain a 99% uptime on our proxies. Relax knowing that Rush will be ready when you are. We provide proxies you can trust.

Supported Websites

Our proxies work on nearly all sites: Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, Mesh, and more. Never miss a drop again with access to proxies that work on whatever website you need them for.

Discord Support

Stay connected to us through our Discord server, which offers customer support, loyalty discounts on future purchases, giveaways, and more. If you experience any issues with your proxies, you’ll know where to find help.